This is a copy of an email I received from Robert VA3BXG,
who has been using the clubs HF Remote Radio Station that is
situated at Grasshill and accessed through the internet.


Given that I once again will be on the road (leaving monday night). And will not be at the meeting I thought I would write up a small email about my experiences with the club rig.

1) Software/hardware I use. I run an IMAC, so I run VM fusion. Within the virtual machine I run WIN 7. To use the remote control of the RIG, I use HRD. BUT because of the capability I decided to use DXsuite of free programs. There is a bridge between the two software, so there is no issue. We use Skype for the audio

2) I actually used the rig remotely from both my QTH (toronto) as well as manchester UK (when I was working). Working from toronto was no issue in terms of network latency (I use Teksavvy 25M as my internet provider of cable). Most times the response time was between 50Ms to 150Ms (as measured with HRD). But when in the UK not so good. Because I was running from a hotel the response time was not that great. From 200Ms to over 1500Ms (this was not workable).

3) So now how did it work. I have about 660 QSO, and that represents about 7 months. I have about 83 unique DXCC. most of the contacts were on 20/15/17/12/10 bands. all but two on SSB (the other two is FM). At times I was able to break out of a pile-up, but because of the latency this was more an exception then a rule. While I have contacts from all the four corners of the world. it is obvious that the antenna picks up some regions better then others. EU/SA is where a majority of my QSO. I have only 2 6M and 2 80M QSO. SKYPE works well, BUT at times I have had issues. A couple a 'fairly' common ones was fading. Just after trying to start a QSO and monitoring a band the audio just fades. What I have to do is a very brief tX and everything is fine. Also a couple of contacts told me that I sound over modulated. But that comment was not consistent, so I figure that too can be attributed to SKYPE.

What I would suggest, if I was asked and monetary consideration is not being considered (remember I am a newbie) an AMP (to the legal limit of the BASIC +). This would give you to better chance to punch out of a pile up. Another antenna this antenna would be directed to asia/south pacific.)

Feel free in presenting this or not. And once again allowing my to use the rig and not beating me on the head because of my traveling.

a 'kosher ham'



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